Let’s talk Indeterminate Colitis: Diagnosis [Part 2]

Welcome to part 2. Like I said before, this second bit is going to be a bit more personal. This part is about when I was first diagnosed, and my initial experience (again, this ended up being split up as it got too long for any sensible person to want to read). I’ll try to give you an idea of what that’s like. This is my personal experience, and it is infinitely different for everyone suffering with the disease, just like for anything else. Sometimes things will be similar, but just like in every day life, let’s not paint everyone with the same brush.

Right then, to get super personal with me about this, I’ll tell you his name. My indeterminate colitis is called Greg. That’s how I’ll refer to him from now on. I call him that, my family call him that, and even my partner has always referred to him as Greg. The story behind it is that I watched a documentary of a little girl with cancer who named her tumours as that made them less scary. I latched onto this idea and the first name that popped into my head was Greg, and so from that moment on, he was Greg. Continue reading


Let’s talk Indeterminate Colitis: What is it? [Part 1]

Originally, this blog was going to be solely based on raising awareness about crohns and indeterminate colitis, through blunt stories, a little bit of swearing, and some cynical insights. It was an idea suggested by my counsellor at the time, to create a place for me to get my thoughts out about something I would be living with for the rest of my life, raise awareness of a somewhat less sexy disease, and perhaps create a space for others out there to come together, either with the disease, or those wanting to know more.

I decided to split this up into two sections as it started to get very long. ‘Part 1’ is the biology bit, and ‘Part 2’ will be more of a personal account of my experience. Let the biology lesson begin, are you sitting comfortably?

As I have previously mentioned, I am part of the ‘indeterminate colitis’ label, edging towards ‘crohns’. Simply, I am the owner of a gastrointestinal system that literally hates itself. Unintentionally. Continue reading

This is me.

You can call me ‘J’. I’m a 21-year-old female, living in the UK. I’ve just graduated in Psychology and I’ve been trying to sort out my post-uni existence in the recent summer. By sort out, I mean ignoring my responsibilities and impending adulthood by spending as much time with my ‘still-at-uni’ friends, watching daytime TV, and baking cakes. This was going entirely fine right up until the point where I realised that the only way to fund my procrastination was to actually get a job. I start training next week. Adulting has officially begun. I spend half my time with my mum, bro, dog (Zac), and a snake (affectionately known as snakey-snoo), and the other half with my dad, step-mum, and 2 younger siblings. Finally,  I’m in a long-term, long-distance relationship with an absolutely wonderful human being who just so happens to be 130 miles away from me for most of the year. So that’s my present state of affairs. That’s the stuff you usually tell someone you just met, right?

So let’s get a little deeper. Continue reading