About Me

Who am I?

Good question. This blog is somewhere for me to write about my thoughts, feelings, and just general musings about the world. Specifically, the little world that I live in. I am (currently) a 21 year old female, living in the UK, who has many opinions about many things. Some of them are personal, some academic, some worldly, and some are just thoughts I need to get off my chest.

This blog does not have a specific theme, and I will be writing about all sorts of things, including chronic illnesses, depression, 21 year old life, psychology, worldly opinions etc. I DO NOT claim to be an expert in any of these subjects, and most posts will be my own personal insight.

I want to be as blunt as possible in my posts, so I understand that not everything I write will be to everyone’s taste. I hope you enjoy, and I if I can touch anyone’s soul, or make anyone think slightly differently or perhaps a little deeper about anything, I will call that a job well done.

Thank you.